The Witches Trilogy: Blue/Black is available on Amazon and already getting great reviews, for which I am thrilled and so very thankful!  Feel free to send these links to anyone who enjoys magic, witches, urban fantasy, travel by private jet, a bit of glamour and glitz, and of course, demonic possession. I hope you love reading them and living the life with Olivia, Alejo, Taylor, JaneAnn, and all the other witches; I know I love writing these for all of you.

“From Paris to Monte Carlo to beneath an Austrian castle, good and evil play out a magical high-stakes hide and seek.” TheWitchesTrilogy-BlueBlack-Thumb

“Blue/Black is a MUST read! It’s suspenseful, sexy, sumptuous and smart. Everything about The Witches Trilogy has me sitting on the edge of my seat and begging for more.”                                                                 Gerri Russell, Bestselling author of Flirting with Felicity




“Olivia’s got friends, family, polo matches, and private jets – and a dark witch with a psychotic crush on her.” TheWitchesTrilogy Chimera HR

“Cathleen Dunn transported me into the wonderful world of extraordinary magic. I loved this book so much, I want to live there and rub elbows with Olivia, Taylor and Alejo. I can’t wait for the next installments.”        –  Karen: Amazon reader and avid fan



Right now I’m working on the third installment, The Witches Trilogy: Step. For everyone who has been waitingStep Cover HR to see what happens with Taylor’s stepfather, this is it. He has a powerful and very vile familiar helping him though, which creates real problems – especially since Taylor and the other Silver-Tint witches can’t do harm with their powers. From Seattle to the glittering and exotic city of Dubai – Arabia’s jewel of the Sahara – the witches play out their cat-and-mouse. I plan to release it in January of 2015 – which means once again, I’d better get back to work!  – Cathleen


Cobalt Blue Powder Room!

Cobalt Blue Powder Room! We remodeled our powder room and are very excited! My fabulous husband did the work; the only thing I did was faux finish the walls and come up with the design. I can dream it all I want, but without his work it’s only dreaming. Here’s the before shots (yes, we…Continue Reading

Amazing Art: Prospero’s Books

Wonderful artwork by Nancy Mee and Dennis Evans for a showing called “Prospero’s Books” at the Friesen Art Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. These are so beautiful and Dennis’s paintings are done with beeswax! The wax gives the pigment so much depth that you feel you are looking deep into the universe. whoa. The books…Continue Reading

Exclusive Cocktails

What a fabulous experience we had a few weeks ago! At the Gage Academy of Art fundraiser we received tickets to a cocktail party at Utopian Heights Studios, the home of artists Nancy Mee and Dennis Evans. From the moment we stepped off the sidewalk and into their front gate, we were transported into a…Continue Reading

Hotel ZaZa – Houston

In December I took the same trip to Houston that Olivia and Taylor did in TWT: Chimera! We stayed at the fabulous Hotel ZaZa – Houston, prowled the Museum District, ate some authentic, smoky Texas barbecue, and shopped and played just like our two witches did – except for attending a witches gathering at Julia’s house, of…Continue Reading

October and Halloween – Decrepit Beauty

  October and Halloween – Decrepit Beauty It’s October and Halloween!!! Time for creepy, ethereal, supernatural photos. So many beautiful cemeteries and Cities of the Dead. All this month I’ll be posting images and movies and ideas that speak to my world of the Supernatural.And, Hallowe’en and Christmas are my two favorite holidays… no wonder…Continue Reading

Guest Author J.L. Mitchell’s HOT New Book

Hi Everyone!  Here’s a peek at an up-and-coming author who definitely has writing chops – and you can be in on the beginning of her wonderful “Diamond…” series! …and you saw her first, don’t forget. Here is a bit about J.L., why she writes about “Bad Girls” (wicked smile) an excerpt of her work, and…Continue Reading

Four Columns Park in Seattle

Four Columns Park in Seattle After Olivia discovers Taylor has witch abilities, she’s conflicted about taking the girl on as apprentice and goes to Four Columns Park in Seattle. It’s a late summer night, the sky is dark and sparkling with stars, and the tiny park is a calm place to think. Olivia transports herself…Continue Reading

Where do all those ideas come from?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me where I get my ideas. Ever since I was little I loved superstition and ghost stories and magic, just like most people. I remember getting a book of superstitions from the library when I was in first grade and thinking about them as I walked to school. They were things like:…Continue Reading

Houston Heights, Texas

  Houston Heights, Texas In Houston Heights, Texas, Taylor meets Nicole, another witch who is also just learning her powers. They become friends and spend the whole day in Houston Heights trying to get the most out of their last day together. They enter a beautiful tree-canopied boulevard in the old neighborhood and walk the…Continue Reading

Columbia Tower Seattle

Columbia Tower Seattle Taylor is stretching her powers and – just barely – manages to transport herself to the top of the Columbia Tower one night. The winds and sheer drop as she looks down the tower of black glass give her an adrenalin rush.  There’s a strong vortex of power from the logos up here;…Continue Reading

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