10-8-2013 (Results of Cover Contest and Comments)

Thank you to everyone who came here and voted – you all totally rock! So many of you said it was fun to have a say, and 75% of you voted for the liquid covers.  I also got some comments on the Blue/Black covers that I agree with, so I let the designer know and she’s giving me a couple different designs.  Within the next few weeks the high resolution images for Chimera will be sent to the publisher…..things are really starting to happen fast now!!

Thank you so much to all of you – several of you even took time to write a few comments and here they are below:

Love the liquid ones spooky and sleek! Thanks for letting me have my say.
I think it gives more depth. It draws you in more I think.
I’m so excited for you. Congrats on finishing your book! I didn’t know I had an author next door. : )   – Margaret
The font in the lettering seems to work well with the swirling in the pic. Good luck!
excited to read the books!
The Blue/Black liquid cover isn’t as good as the Chimera liquid cover. so I chose the blurred hand covers.
Voted liquid, but I slightly prefer the blurred covers.
They’re all very impressive!
The liquid ones are scarier…and I like the font better too.
Tough choice! I like the bottom two (liquid covers) since they give a sense of motion.
they all look great!
Beautiful choices!!
The liquid covers are awesome
What if I like the blurred hand for Chimera and the liquid for Blue/Black???? – Janet

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