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10-17-13 (Blue/Black reader comments and changes)


10-17-13 (Blue/Black reader comments and changes)

Hi Everyone – Several of you gave comments on the Blue/Black cover that I agreed with, so I asked the designer for a few changes. Wow, did she come up with images for me! Two of them are here:

 BLB Front  BLB Closed   I know which one I’m going to use (with a few changes!) and you’ll be able to see both Chimera and Blue/Black covers on the Bookshelf page by Halloween.

Chimera is back from the editor and I went through the whole manuscript to incorporate her work. Now, I’m about to give it to the proofreaders who will look for missing commas or other punctuation, missing or extra words…oh, of course you know that already! Apparently I’m a bit excited. We’re aiming for a December 1st publication date.

Meanwhile, I’m getting hooked on two TV programs: Sleepy Hollow and the Witches of East EndThe characters in both are wonderful, and sooo many possible story lines.  But more about that later. Right I have to get to my day job, like everyone else.

Thank you so much – Here are a few of the comments from the cover contest:

Love the liquid ones spooky and sleek! Thanks for letting me have my say.
I think it gives more depth. It draws you in more I think.
I’m so excited for you. Congrats on finishing your book! I didn’t know I had an author next door. : )   – Margaret
The font in the lettering seems to work well with the swirling in the pic. Good luck!
excited to read the books!
The Blue/Black liquid cover isn’t as good as the Chimera liquid cover. so I chose the blurred hand covers.
Voted liquid, but I slightly prefer the blurred covers.
They’re all very impressive!
The liquid ones are scarier…and I like the font better too.
Tough choice! I like the bottom two (liquid covers) since they give a sense of motion.
they all look great!
Beautiful choices!!
The liquid covers are awesome
What if I like the blurred hand for Chimera and the liquid for Blue/Black???? – Janet


10-3-2013 (Cover Contest and Halloween month October)

HOME PAGE POST  10-3-2013 (Cover Contest and Halloween month October) Ahhhhhhh – October. My very favorite month.  Scary movies are the order of the day around our house, along with anything we can find about superstitions, spookiness, the old witch trials, the best haunted houses nationwide, and Samhain.  How am I going to fit all…Continue Reading

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