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Cobalt Blue Powder Room!

Cobalt Blue Powder Room!

We remodeled our powder room and are very excited! My fabulous husband did the work; the only thing I did was faux finish the walls and come up with the design. I can dream it all I want, but without his work it’s only dreaming. Here’s the before shots (yes, we bought a hideous-looking fixer-upper… gad, it’s ugly, isn’t it?  =shiver= ):

Cobalt Blue Powder Room!  BeforeCobalt Blue Powder Room!  Before






Now here’s the after photos.

I can’t believe it’s really ours – I keep standing in the doorway and staring at it, especially the blue glass sink.

Cobalt Blue Powder Room!  After

Cobalt Blue Powder Room!  After

We got this color sink to go with the mural on the dining room ceiling that is the same color blue – cobalt and navy midnight sky. I wrote about this night sky mural in The Witches Trilogy #1: Chimera. It’s the ceiling in Olivia’s dining room and I thought: why am I just writing about a mural that I’d like to see? Why not paint it and enjoy it every day? So here it is – if you stand in the powder room doorway you can see the sink and the ceiling mural at the same time…so pretty.

Anyway, I just wanted to share it with you. We’re redoing our big bathroom in a couple of months and I’ll share that, too!Dinning Room Ceiling,  Cobalt Blue Powder Room!

Amazing Art: Prospero’s Books

Wonderful artwork by Nancy Mee and Dennis Evans for a showing called “Prospero’s Books” at the Friesen Art Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. These are so beautiful and Dennis’s paintings are done with beeswax! The wax gives the pigment so much depth that you feel you are looking deep into the universe. whoa. The books…Continue Reading

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