9-15-2013 (Book is with the Editor)

HOME PAGE POST 9-15-2013 (Book is with the Editor)

Happy September everyone!  We’re wavering between summer days and the return of rain. The months are moving by so fast with all the work to do for Chimera’s December release date. The book is with an editor that was recommended to me by Gerri Russell, a wonderful author of historical romance.  Thank you Gerri!  I should have it back by the first week in October and then I’ll go through all the edits and polish the manuscript. Again. I don’t mind; it’s the only way to find errors and inconsistencies before it gets to all of you.

Thank you so much for all of your interest in Olivia, Taylor, Alejo, JaneAnn and the other witches. Since I’ve had so many people ask what’s going to happen next, I’m working on the next book, but of course that’s many months away.  Meanwhile, let me know what you’d like to know about the release and about our witches, and if I can (without revealing secrets), I will put a few snippets in my upcoming postings.  Stay tuned…..

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