9-24-2013 (Cover Contest)

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Happy September everyone!  We’re wavering between summer days and the return of rain. The months are moving by so fast with all the work to do for Chimera‘s December release date.

I’d like your help in choosing the covers for the first two novels in the Chimera series!  To vote, click on the image at the right and that will take you to the voting page >>>>

Chimera Hi Res

I’m very excited to see what you think and about having you help with the choice.  There are two concepts: one with an open hand and a foggy feel, and the other with a liquid concept that relates to the witches’ blood. Sliver blood means light witch, and blue-black means dark witch.

Thank you for voting and I’ll let everyone know on October 6th which covers we’re going with.

– Cathleen

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