Cathleen Dunn is the author of The Witches Trilogy series of full-length novels. The first two books in The Witches Trilogy, OD2A1337-webChimera and Blue/Black, are available in both e-reader and paperback and getting great reviews. She loves writing about her family of witches and entertaining readers with the magic and jet-set lifestyle they live, and credits the combination of Seattle’s glistening darkness on rainy, downtown nights and visions of exotic destinations for creating the witches’ stories in her head. She just writes them down.
Cathleen has lived in Texas, California, Kansas, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, and now Seattle and truly likes variety: she attended college in Washington and Arizona, has a day job at an engineering company, loves rescuing greyhounds, has been onstage with Seattle Opera, and occasionally paints faux finishes and murals for her friends. She also goes hunting and fishing with her husband, watches way too many old movies and educational television, and listens to both Baroque and Metal music
Cathleen is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association, established in 1956.


Q: Why set your Urban Fantasy stories in Seattle?

A: Seattle is a contrast of dark and sparkle; the rain make things wet and they glisten – especially at night. If you look at a picture of Seattle’s downtown, it’s really beautiful. The dark and clouds give that creepy feeling where you could imagine lots of magic hanging in the air, or paranormal creatures lurking about. Juxtapose that with the high-tech, high-gloss, high-rise office buildings and the little parks nestled into local neighborhoods and there’s no end to the possibilities.

I moved away from here a few times – I love the desert in Arizona and Nevada, and I’m nuts about Texas and New Orleans – but somehow I just end up back in Seattle. The mix of vintage-furnished coffee shops and a kind of artsy underground feel with the tech and upscale give a broad canvas to choose from when I’m writing.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: Ever since I was little I loved superstition and ghost stories and magic. I remember getting a book of superstitions from the library and thinking about them all the way to school when I was in first grade. Things like: “If you see the full moon through the trees it is considered bad luck”, or “if you walk through a spot of cold air, you have just walked through a ghost”, or “never let a broom touch your head; it is bad luck”. I also see stories in music; the feeling a particular song gives me might start a story there. For example, my niece gave me a CD by “Evanescence” – their “Fallen” album – and while listening to it I started to see Olivia and her problems, and how she was feeling about being hounded and isolated by what had happened in her past. Interestingly enough, her decision on how to handle Dantin came off a “Transformers” album. Go figure.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

A: Almost anything, but I especially love harpsichord concertos from the Baroque era, and rock. Some of my favorite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Godhead, Nickelback, Rammstein, AC/DC, a little Alice Cooper, Evanescence, and almost anything from the Eighties. I also love big band – Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, the Andrews Sisters, almost anything from the Thirties and Forties.

Q: What’s next for you, and where do we find it?

A: I am just starting the third book in “The Witches Trilogy:”, called “Step” and then running it through the editing process. It should be out in January 2016.

You can find me on CathleenDunn.com and like me on my Cathleen Dunn Facebook and @Cathleen_Dunn on Twitter – and the books are available through Amazon.com in either paperback or Kindle.




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