Olivia’s Greyhounds

  Olivia’s Greyhounds Olivia and Taylor live with two very sweet greyhounds, Doobie and Bailey. Bailey is a beautiful golden boy with thick black “eyeliner” around his eyes, and his ears stick straight up – very unusual for a greyhound. He’s more dignified than Doobie – she’s a black, floppy-eared greyhound with velvet-soft fur. She’s…Continue Reading

Did you know….

Did you know…. Seattle is actually built on top of another city. After the Great Fire of 1889, citizens raised the street level and started over – you can tour parts of old Seattle thanks to the city’s Underground Tour. and…this fact makes no sense, but here it is: People in Seattle buy the most sunglasses…Continue Reading

12-20-13 Happy Holidays Everyone!

       12-20-13 Happy Holidays Everyone!   My heartfelt wishes for joy and good fortune to all of you in this most Magical of Seasons! That goes for every midwinter celebration around the world; whatever you decide to celebrate. Also, thank you so much for all of your interest and excitement in our witch family and the books…Continue Reading

Chimera is on Amazon

12-7-13 It’s December and Holiday time – and TWT: Chimera is on Amazon Okay, it’s December and the holiday craziness begins for so many of us! Around our house, we replaced 1:1 gift giving with decorating the house, going out to events, and a big party for family and/or friends. I am so glad to…Continue Reading

11-12-13 (Dream Relations Publicist and The Witches Trilogy unveiling)

Hi Everyone – I’ve been working with a wonderful literary publicist from New York: Dawn Michelle Hardy/Dream Relations PR & Literary Consulting Agency. When she researched my title Chimera, she found dozens of other books with the same name! Since I’d like to make it easier for readers to find all my titles, know the type of story…Continue Reading

10-3-2013 (Cover Contest and Halloween month October)

HOME PAGE POST  10-3-2013 (Cover Contest and Halloween month October) Ahhhhhhh – October. My very favorite month.  Scary movies are the order of the day around our house, along with anything we can find about superstitions, spookiness, the old witch trials, the best haunted houses nationwide, and Samhain.  How am I going to fit all…Continue Reading

9-24-2013 (Cover Contest)

HOME PAGE POST  9-24-2013 (Cover Contest) Happy September everyone!  We’re wavering between summer days and the return of rain. The months are moving by so fast with all the work to do for Chimera‘s December release date. I’d like your help in choosing the covers for the first two novels in the Chimera series!  To vote, click on the…Continue Reading

Chimera is off for Editing!

  So, right now Chimera is with the editor. I’m trying to be calm, knowing that it takes time to get the results back. It’s like waiting to see if your resume will be selected for that dream job, or for the results of your final exam to be posted. Aaaagh! In case you are…Continue Reading

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