Chimera is off for Editing!


So, right now Chimera is with the editor. I’m trying to be calm, knowing that it takes time to get the results back. It’s like waiting to see if your resume will be selected for that dream job, or for the results of your final exam to be posted. Aaaagh!

In case you are wondering how authors find their editor and how the process works, here’s a bit of behind-the scenes:  Sometimes the publisher just assigns you (think big New York firm) one of their editors. They get your manuscript, they edit, and you get the results back and start discussing their changes with them. Maybe you accept all of them, maybe not.  A big piece of learning?  Everyone needs an editor, whether you are a professional journalist, screenwriter, or multi-published author. Everyone needs that second, objective eye of someone who specializes in editing.

There is a ton of trust involved in working with that editor, too. Since you’ve spent hundreds of hours imagining, self-critiquing, and then writing your story, you want someone who understands what you’re trying to say, and how you want to say it, but will give you the feedback to help your story get to readers in the best way possible.  Think of it like that person who lets you know the tag is sticking out of your shirt – or that your dress is tucked up into your pantyhose and your bits are showing.  I intend to listen to my editor.

To find my editor, I asked for advice at the PNWA Writer’s Conference, picked up editors business cards at the conference, went to a few editor workshops to hear them talk, and got referrals from published authors on their editors. I sent mine sample pages from Chimera. She edited them, sent me back the edits and her comments, and then we talked a bit about the book and I felt she would help me get the best polish on Chimera for all of you.

Plus, I love her nom de plumeGrammarchick.  Priceless.

– Cathleen



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