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Olivia’s Greyhounds


Olivia’s Greyhounds

Olivia and Taylor live with two very sweet greyhounds, Doobie and Bailey. Bailey is a beautiful golden boy with thick black “eyeliner” around his eyes, and his ears stick straight up – very unusual for a greyhound. He’s more dignified than Doobie – she’s a black, floppy-eared greyhound with velvet-soft fur. She’s also more flexible and can curl up in any squirmy position to snuggle or to sleep. In fact, her favorite sleeping position is splayed out on her back with her bottom end pointing one direction and her head and shoulders the other – just like a big “S”.

Bailey and Doobie are rescues from a local Greyhound Rescue group. (One of the requirements of being a Silver-Tint witch is to return good as often as possible. Olivia does that with magic, and also mortal ways like rescuing animals, donating money, or volunteering.)

If you ever get a chance, get to know a greyhound or adopt one! Greys are one of the sweetest, most docile, and loving of dog breeds. They’re great in apartments, families with children, or companions for seniors. They’re not hyperactive, as many people think. They’re total couch potatoes; they’ll sleep most of the day away. They’re pure love – if they’re just hanging around they’ll quietly lean against each other or the closest person standing to them, and are patient, beautiful creatures. They’re astoundingly beautiful when they run but they’re not marathoners, they’re sprinters. They’ll run maybe five, ten minutes a day and then it’s time for more naps.

Greyhounds 101      – Cathleen

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