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Amazing Art: Prospero’s Books

Amazing Art: Prospero's BooksWonderful artwork by Nancy Mee and Dennis Evans for a showing called “Prospero’s Books” at the Friesen Art Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. These are so beautiful and Dennis’s paintings are done with beeswax! The wax gives the pigment so much depth that you feel you are looking deep into the universe. whoa.

The books are all made of hand-crafted glass.Nancy takes plain window glass, melts it and folds it into books before it cools. Then she’ll etch, sand-blast, or water-cut designs into them.
Amazing Art: Prospero's Books I wish I could afford one! But I can’t. So I’ll settle for the pictures. Hope you enjoy them too –

Amazing Art: Prospero's BooksThe glass books and paintings are inspired by Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” – a magician named Prospero was the Duke of Milan but his brother Antonio betrayed him and took over. Antonio left Prospero to die on a raft at sea, but his servant Gonzalo gave him supplies and his magical books so he had the source of his power. Prospero landed on an island, where he’s been for twelve years. He uses the magic from his books to make things right and get justice from his brother Antonio. Here’s some of the pieces: Amazing Art: Prospero's BooksAmazing Art: Prospero's BooksAmazing Art: Prospero's BooksAmazing Art: Prospero's Books, Prospero3-EvansMeeAmazing Art: Prospero's Books, Prospero2-EvansAmazing Art: Prospero's Books

Four Columns Park in Seattle

Four Columns Park in Seattle After Olivia discovers Taylor has witch abilities, she’s conflicted about taking the girl on as apprentice and goes to Four Columns Park in Seattle. It’s a late summer night, the sky is dark and sparkling with stars, and the tiny park is a calm place to think. Olivia transports herself…Continue Reading

Columbia Tower Seattle

Columbia Tower Seattle Taylor is stretching her powers and – just barely – manages to transport herself to the top of the Columbia Tower one night. The winds and sheer drop as she looks down the tower of black glass give her an adrenalin rush.  There’s a strong vortex of power from the logos up here;…Continue Reading

Did you know….

Did you know…. Seattle is actually built on top of another city. After the Great Fire of 1889, citizens raised the street level and started over – you can tour parts of old Seattle thanks to the city’s Underground Tour. and…this fact makes no sense, but here it is: People in Seattle buy the most sunglasses…Continue Reading

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