Chimera is on Amazon

Chimera is on Amazon!

12-7-13 It’s December and Holiday time – and TWT: Chimera is on Amazon

Okay, it’s December and the holiday craziness begins for so many of us! Around our house, we replaced 1:1 gift giving with decorating the house, going out to events, and a big party for family and/or friends. I am so glad to skip the December shopping crowd… but no, I am NOT smug about it. I realize if we had human children instead of dogs, we’d have to do the shopping thing, too.

Everyone, thank you so much for stopping by to see what is going on with our witch family and the road to publication! I really appreciate all your interest and kind comments. TWT: Chimera is now available on Kindle at, and the print version will be out next week. As for book writing, both TWT:Blue/Black and TWT:Step are all outlined and I’m in the process of fleshing out Blue/Black. After that’s done I’ll stick it under the bed while I write Step. That way I can get some distance from Blue/Black and be able to edit out any clunky or cheesy parts that seemed great while writing at eleven o’clock at night but then sound stupid when I re-read them by the light of day.

Meanwhile, my heartfelt wishes for joy and good fortune to all of you in this most Magical of Seasons! That goes for every midwinter celebration around the world; whatever you decide to celebrate.    – Cathleen

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